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Monday, September 12, 2011


  so some of you know of my dabbling interest in photography.  i'm only in the baby steps of photography right now, and it is mostly just a hobby with the family and friends, but if down the road, like...  down down down the road, it ever becomes a business, well, that would be cool beans too.

  i'm a big googler, and googling photography ideas is something i like to do.  there are some pretty awesome photographers out there who inspire me.  the things people come up with are neat-o.

  on my quest of finding unique things, i came across these photos.  i'd say they are pretty inspiring... what do you think?

now, don't they look happy?  nothing awkward about this photo at all.

oh yeah... these chick are totally stylin'.

note to self: give clients tips on what and what-not to wear

the only thing i find disturbing about this family portrait is the choice of backdrop.  it's a bit twilight zone-ish for me.  maybe a plain black one would've sufficed.

i really love the beach theme they are going for here.  how fun.

i just love family action shots.  especially ones that speak to me.  this one seems to say, "it's not always the milkman."

aww, so adorable.  i love how even on a budget, you can still be creative with prop ideas=)

poses can really make a picture.  what a cute engagement pose idea.

what a happy and excited looking groom!

hey, why not share the love and excitement of the day with others?

lovely, just lovely=)

"enthusiasm is excitement with inspiration, motivation, and a pinch of creativity." - bo bennet

as you can see from what inspires me above, i've got great taste.  if ever i go into business, won't you consider me to shoot your portraits?  i'd just love to;)


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